We offer 6 types of membership (VAT included):

RESIDENT | €2,400 annually, €200 monthly

NON-RESIDENT | €1,800 annually, €150 monthly

UNDER28 RESIDENT | €1,200 annually, €100 monthly

UNDER28 NON-RESIDENT | €900 annually, €75 monthly

FAMILY RESIDENT | 1st member €2,400 annually, €200 monthly

2nd member €1,800 annually, €150 monthly.

FAMILY NON-RESIDENT | 1st member €1,800 annually, €150 monthly

2nd member €1,350 annually, €112.50 monthly.

Once an application has been accepted by the Membership Committee, the registration fee will be €600 for RESIDENT and NON-RESIDENT members, and €300 for UNDER28 members. The registration fee can be paid all at once or divided into three instalments over the first three months.

Payment must be done via credit card and will be charged as soon as notification of acceptance as a member has been proceeded. Membership fees can be paid annually or monthly.

NON-RESIDENT memberships include the months of June, July, August and September, plus another 30 days per year of the member’s choosing.

To be eligible for UNDER28 membership you must be under the age of 28 during the application process and the acceptance of your membership.

To be eligible for FAMILY membership, the first member of the family must be your husband, wife, domestic partner or similar. In the event of any doubts, the issue will be referred to the Membership Committee.

Members’ children (aged 3 to 18) can access the designated children’s activities free of charge, as long as they are accompanied by their mother, father or guardian who is a member.