An organic hideaway in the middle of magical Ibiza

Los Patios Ibiza was created to provide an oasis on the island, away from mass tourism, open year-round and reserved for hedonists who call Ibiza home.
For those who seek a more balanced life, better food, great company and loads of creativity, this is the place, in the campo.
We believe in organic, not only in how we manage our 13,000 m² of gardens and patios, but also in our food and every drink we serve, making us the first organic oasis in Spain. Ancient and updated at the same time.
The Residents’ Club, is reserved for those who are either lucky enough to live here or spend long periods of time on the island, and it is focused on wellness and culture. We offer a full wellness club including a beautiful outdoor gym, spa and massage cabins as well as a very strong culinary-cultural program.
Our two restaurants are open to the public serving an array of delicious culinary delights and we will also offer our homemade organic breads and jams for sale too. We support local producers and actively engage with our community with a focus on environmental sustainability.
Los Patios Ibiza is set to become the destination of choice for both in-the-know locals and the sophisticated traveler seeking exquisite organic food, great company and inspiring surroundings.

It’s all about the team, they bring it all to life

That stand out especially for their values

Iker Monfort General Director

Ibiza is eating every morning the eggs from my hens, walk barefoot along Es Cavallet beach on January with Hugo, flowering almond trees, San Joan local market on Sunday morning, the “arroz de matanza”, visiting Cari on fullmoon night at Es Xarcu, Formentera beautiful sea, fishing Raons with friends and learning that all these little things are seizing the time and help me being real and improving day by day.

Giuseppe Quartulli F&B Director

The naturalness and the sea of this island reminds me my place of birth, Puglia, on the south of Italy. A very traditional and rustic place where every year we use to collect our olives in order to produce our own Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Facundo Grieco Alchemist

I consider myself as a passionate lover of the nature and on my route through the woods of the island I always collect herbs, spices and fruits to infuse in my liquors and experiments.

Peru Almandoz Executive Chef

In love with land and sea, of what they provide us with. “Crazy to cook it all”.

Elvis Palazzi F&B Members

So many things made falling in love with Ibiza. Especially the incomparable quality of live I can enjoy here. Being in contact with the natural heritage of the island alongside people from all over the world is great and unique. I love spending time cycling through amazing areas and discover every time something new and sensational.

Antonio Prosper Musical Curator

I have always been captivated by this island’s mix of people from all fields and backgrounds that get trapped here dazzled by its fantastic nature and its extreme character: The craziness in summer and the absolute calm in winter. I think that duality, especially as I was born here, has really influenced me.

Gabriel Boy Marketing Director

After spending many years in big cities, the idea of moving back to a sunny and quiet place was rocking my mind. I found Ibiza the perfect spot as it allows me to keep a balanced healthy diet and practice one of my favorite hobby, Yoga.

Pau Farré Financial Director

I love the other side of the island. Finding peace and relax into green little corners, far from the overcrowded beaches and party spots during the summer.

Nick WatsonWellness Director

I like practising sports outdoors and a balanced diet.

Marta Seabra Membership Manager

I love starting my day with a lemon juice, which gives me the energy to jog around with my dog, Lenny, before coming to work.

Ira Tupja HR Director

Los Patios Ibiza is the organic oasis that embrace the nature, the peace, the flowers and colours, immersed into the green hope that never gets lost. And this Is the way I identified myself.

Luján MartínezSales

To be back on the island after a couple of years working in the mountains is one of my best decisions I’ve ever done.

Alberto LópezMaintenance

My passion is life itself, to maintain the balance is necessary to be in movement.

Where we are

In the hearth of the island

We are on the road from Ibiza town to Santa Gertrudis, on the right hand-side. 8 km from Ibiza town and 14km from the airport.
  • Ctra. San Miguel Km. 1,
  • 07840 Santa Eulalia del Rio