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Take a taste of Los Patios Ibiza home

from accross the Mediterranean

The Phoenicians ran a trading empire that spanned the Mediterranean. Hidden in an historic olive press, we have carefully curated a collection of products from passionate and committed artisans that we believe resonate the trades that once existed here. We believe in our artisans and that their products, crafted by hand with time and love, are the best quality.
Our customers can also purchase our freshly baked organic breads, pastries and homemade jams. A taste of Los Patios at home.

Organic and local products

autochthonous and local products

We have chosen our suppliers because of their commitment to what they produce organically and sustainably. Most often these are small companies, many are family run and, just like us, they are all passionately committed to what they do.
We source what we can from the island and then work outwards to the neighboring Balearic Islands, the Spanish mainland and as far as we must go to find the right produce. We love ingredients that have been grown with love and passion, it is then simply our job to transfer that love and passion on to your plate or into your glass.
We like things fresh, pure, honest and, of course, organic

Our Bakery

The best bread on the island

alternative to the industrial processed bread

Bread has been at the foundation of human nutrition since its appearance 6,000 years ago. Over time it changed, improved and renewed itself, as it passed across continents, seas and cultures. Perhaps there is nothing as simultaneously symbolic, revolutionary and familiar as bread.
In Spain, we eat bread with all meals yet on Ibiza it turns out truly great organic bread is hard to find. It was with this in mind that our team went in search of a master baker to conjure the perfect loaf, and after months of testing and tasting, we can offer the sort of bread you can’t wait to arrive at the table – organic, gluten free and perfectly warm. We freshly bake all of our bread and pastries on site and we are confident that ours are now the best loaves on the island – worth the journey alone. Our bread is available to purchase, so you can take the goodness home too!
We freshly bake all of our bread and pastries in our own panaderia

The harvest of the day in our restaurants

is based on crop diversity

Our organic farming system is based on crop diversity. The optimum use of natural resources – avoiding the use of chemical synthetic fertilizers – and an emphasis on the respect for the soil, allow us to produce healthier products that are richer in nutrients.
Through the manual-care of the soil and a respect for the environment, we also focus on eco-sustainability and bio-diversity.
An organic diet promotes healthy eating habits as a lifestyle, without the need to modify the ingredients. In short: it is about enjoying the whole properties and flavours of each dish, while at the same time respecting the natural environment.
Depending on the season, our team of farmers and our Executive Chef search for and choose only the finest vegetables and fruits, in order to get the best out of the soil and eventually our dishes.
Every morning, our farmers harvest and select the best products, making sure that only the ones that meet our quality standards get to our kitchen.

Gandia Blasco
Official distributor in Ibiza

Founded as a family business in 1941

Throughout our gardens and patios, you will discover outdoor furniture designed by Gandía Blasco, a family run business from Valencia that recently won an award for their outdoor furniture at the NYCxDESIGN Awards at MOMA. We believe so much in what they do that we not only use their furniture ourselves, we are also their official distributor on the island.
For more information:
+ 34 871 111 284 - shop@lospatiosibiza.com

Personal care inspired in ancestral cuture

Founded as a family business in 1941

Skin care is often overlooked, however, it is fundamental to our wellbeing. Skin is an incredibly important organ, not only is it our largest but it is our first protective barrier from the outside world. Skin provides many other vital roles such as temperature regulation, sensation and insulation.
With this in mind, whilst sticking to our organic ethos, we have spent many months developing our own range of organic products created from elements used by ancient civilisations from all over the world such as argan oil, aloe vera, marigold and vegetal keratin. Our products are designed to nourish and preserve your skin; no chemicals, no preservatives.
We have created a range of organic products using natural elements dating back to ancient civilisations