The harvest of the day in our restaurants

is based on crop diversity

Our organic farming system is based on crop diversity. The optimum use of natural resources – avoiding the use of chemical synthetic fertilizers – and an emphasis on the respect for the soil, allow us to produce healthier products that are richer in nutrients.
Through the manual-care of the soil and a respect for the environment, we also focus on eco-sustainability and bio-diversity.
An organic diet promotes healthy eating habits as a lifestyle, without the need to modify the ingredients. In short: it is about enjoying the whole properties and flavours of each dish, while at the same time respecting the natural environment.
Depending on the season, our team of farmers and our Executive Chef search for and choose only the finest vegetables and fruits, in order to get the best out of the soil and eventually our dishes.
Every morning, our farmers harvest and select the best products, making sure that only the ones that meet our quality standards get to our kitchen.